Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

New sand making machine is through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the characteristics of stone in China developed suitable for Chinese customers use of a new generation of sand making machine, is the exclusive domestic production has the world’s advanced level of high performance sand production equipment.

Structure Of Sand Making Mahcine

Sand making machine structure is mainly composed of feed hopper, distributor, vortex crushing cavity, impeller, shaft assembly, base, transmission device and motor of seven parts.Sand making machine form varies according to the manufacturer.So we at the scene of the system of different sand, you can see different shapes of sand making machine, on the one hand, sand making machine is different, on the other hand is different.

The Development Of Sand Making Machine

Highway construction cannot leave, the supply of a large number of high-quality ballast, and shortage of natural sand and stone already.Crushed stone are mainly used in road engineering of gravel and sand.Ballast is all sorts of mud concrete orthopaedics, in general, referred to as the gravel granularity in more than 2 mm, 2-0.074 mm is sand.Cement mortar, cement coagulation in brown soil and sand are the main raw material of asphalt concrete and asphalt sand, sand source with natural sand, mountain sand, river sand, sea sand) and artificial sand sand (mechanism) two kinds.And high quality of artificial sand, less restricted by natural conditions, got the super wide application.

High efficiency and energy saving system of sand production line is the source of the high quality sand stone, and efficient fine crusher, which is the core of the crushing mechanism of sand production line equipment plays an irreplaceable role.Under the influence of countries to invest heavily in road construction, production and manufacturing high quality application of become to a gold industry.

Technical Data

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